Costs can vary from carpet to carpet, depending on degree of color change, thickness of the carpet accessibility to the work-site , furniture, travel time,etc.
Carpet Cleaning is included at no additional cost.

Average Cost To Restore or Change The Color ranges from 70 to 95 cents a square ft.
There is a $ 300.00 minimum charge for dyeing a complete room.

Bleach & Chemical Spot Repairs Vary Depending on the extent of damage and travel time from Corona Ca to your location.
There is a $ 200.00 minimum charge within a 30 mile radius. $ 250 within 50 mile radius. $ 300 up to 100 mile raidus

Comparison To Replacement:  Usually 10% to 30% of replacement cost, depending on the quality of the carpet. No matter what the case:   “Dyeing will always be less than Buying”

Please note there is a small 3% convenience charge for credit card payments.


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