Santa Clarita Carpet Dyeing  – Change Carpet Color, Restore Faded Colors & Spot Dyeing

Save Up To 80% Over Purchasing New Carpet In Santa Clarita

Here are our top services…

  • Complete Color Changes
  • Color Restoration
  • Bleach & Chemical Spot Repair Specialists

Before Carpet Dyeing

 After Carpet Dyeing

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Hundreds of Color Options Available

Carpet Dyeing Will...

  • Save you thousands of dollars versus buying new carpets
  • Restore carpets that have seen “better days”
  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Cover carpet stains and hi-traffic areas
  • Recolor faded areas
  • Color your carpets to match your decor
  • Save the inconvenience of installing new carpets

Carpet Dyeing Is...

  • Done right in your home or business
  • Tried and tested for over 35 years
  • Permanent and colorfast
  • Very convenient – can use immediately
  • Extremely Cost Effective


Spot Dyeing


DyeMasters is Southern California's largest on-location carpet dyeing company, serving the city of Santa Clarita Ca. We have re-dyed thousands of color damaged carpets since 1979. Carpet dyeing is a process that  re-dyes wall-to-wall carpet on location in homes, condos, offices apartments, RV's, churches, schools, etc. The process is clean, odorless, fast drying, and as permanent as your original mill dyes. Stains, UV fade, discoloring, and permanent soiling are no longer reasons to replace your carpeting. With our unique process we blend in faded areas, spot dye stain and bleach spots, and rejuvenate tired colors. Most carpets can be re-dyed to like-new condition with a new deeper carpet color. Our carpet dyes are permanent, will not walk-off, and will not clean off with future carpet cleanings. If sun-fading, permanent stains, or bleach spots have damaged your carpet color, or if your carpet color simply looks dull and washed out, Dyemasters has the solution. We will re-dye your carpet to like-new condition at a fraction of replacement cost.