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DYEMASTERS  is among the few firms in the country that specializes in on-location carpet dyeing and color restoration.

Our company was est. in 1979. Our specialty is in the area of Carpet Dyeing and Color Restoration. We are also experts in the repair of bleach and chemical spots. There are several factors that will increase the wisdom of choosing carpet dye to refresh the look of your carpet.

If your carpeting is faded, discolored, stained, or simply an undesirable color, you should refurbish it. What if your carpet is in good shape but looks horrible? It’s a waste of money to replace an already good quality carpet. Often, carpet dyeing is the best way to restore and the most economical. High-quality carpet, less than ten years old, rarely demands replacement carpeting.

Maybe the carpet is almost brand new but somehow appears old and abused. Many times carpeting isn’t worn down, torn up, or coming apart, but still looks like it needs to be replaced. How does it happen? It could be that you have kids careless with the Kool-Aid, or a dog being potty trained, or maybe the sun is simply having its way with your carpet fibers, resulting in fading discoloration. 

Carpet Dyeing is a cost-effective and wise alternative to costly carpet replacement, it is perfect for:

• Homes and Condominiums
• Apartments and Rentals
• Mobile Homes
• Offices
• Hotels and Motels                                                                 
• Boats
• Churches
• RV’s and Automobiles
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores
• Any Business Establishment
• Anywhere people care about carpet appearance  

If you are not familiar with our company and this is your first contact with us, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help. We are located in Corona, Ca.                                                                 

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