Commercial Market

DyeMasters Commercial Carpet Dyeing Solution is 60-75% Less than the Cost of Carpet Replacement. Dyeing Also Takes Only a Fraction of the Time Allowing Your Business to Focus on Business and Not Replacing Carpet. 

Most carpet is replaced, not due to wear, but because of its appearance. Most commercial carpets are very expensive and glued down, which can be very expensive to remove as well as replace. Commercial carpet dyeing extends the life of carpets, reduces the cost of refurbishment and leaves your property looking great for your clients.

We deal with all kinds of problems such as UV Fade, pet stains, bleach spots and dark stains that are “permanent” and can not be cleaned out. We can repair Permanent discolored stain damage from harmful cleaner spills from the janitorial staff. 

Real Estate Agents

Ever had problems when selling a house because the carpet has seen better days? Ever had a buyer turned off by the color of carpets when viewing a property? Faded areas? Pet Stains? Traffic Lanes?

We get calls about this all the time!

We can refresh the present color or change the color to a more popular shade. This will help you to overcome the barriers of selling properties with carpet problems.

Commercial Property Managers and Owners


The cost of replacement is not only in the price of the carpet – but also in the time. If you are a business owner, you understand that this can be the most costly part of replacing a carpet. We can transform your carpet in a matter of hours.

Hotels, motels, business offices, stores, schools, churches, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, retirement homes, law firms, colleges, and storefronts all face the challenge of high traffic volume, which will affect the appearance of the carpet.

There is nothing more embarrassing than having ugly, discolored, stained or bleached out carpets that can affect that ‘first image’ you are trying to portray as a positive one.

Most of these carpets are not worn out, they just “Look Bad”. By restoring the color, you will avoid the needless expense of replacing the carpet prematurely. Re-carpeting at the end of a tenancy is very expensive and increases maintenance costs.

Commercial Carpet Dyeing can save you up to 75% on the cost of replacing those stained and faded carpets.

Call us today to find out more about this innovative process.


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